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Planters – frost resistant – made on a potter’s wheel

Ceramics with an Artic Tern

Behind KÜSTENKERAMIK you will find Birgit Hagenburger, archaeological restorer and Erk Kanis, ceramist. For over 30 years, we professionally held ceramics and privately (held) garden earth in our hands. After several years of study and archaeological activities, we returned from abroad, and in the early 1990s began to produce simple but functional, frost-resistant flower pots and planters.

Workshop and exhibition had their place in our carefully renovated former wine estate in the German Pfalz for over 20 years, which is now: www.palatina-werkstatt.de . We decided to move to the North to finally be close to a coast again. That’s’ why you can find the only ceramic workshop in Germany that specializes exclusively in the production of unglazed ceramics formed on a potter’s wheel, in Schwansen / Schleswig-Holstein.

KÜSTENKERAMIK combines an ancient, traditional manufacturing technique taught by Mastoras Simos, with today’s requirements for environmentally friendly processing in modern workshop rooms – from raw materials to the final firing process. If you are interested in more detailed explanations of the terms and definitions of “frost resistant”, “terracotta”, “planting”, etc., please refer to our website www.kreta-keramik.com verweisen.

Within our workshop we have created a small exhibition area in which we would like to offer selected, high-quality craftsmanship. We place great importance on showing handmade products, whose origin and manufacturer we know personally. We look forward to your visit!